In 2002, My Father Kelly O'Neil and a close family Friend Sandy Von Tagen where introduced to Rooibos by a Gentleman from South Africa. This man was hoping to market rooibos tea but unfortunately immigration didn't allow him to stay in the US. Since he didn't know what to do with the product My father took it on exchange for an unpaid bill. Shortly after though, certain family constrains made it necessary for my father to step back and let Sandy run the company on her own.

In 2004 and for several years thereafter my father and I would help with the design and maintenance of the website as well as a sounding board for many of her ideas. Since than Sandy added many products to the Tea Store and developed wonderful relationships with many of her customers.

Sandy unexpectedly passed away in 2020, with no one to run the business Sandy's family had planned to close down the business when the son of Kelly O'Neil offered to take over. Today, Sandy's legacy will takes on new life as Rick O'Neil and his wife Rita take Lifespan Tea to new heights.& We give thanks to god and to all our wonderful customers.

Rick and Rita

Lifespan Tea