Sandy von Tagen Feb 20, 1953 - Oct 23, 2020

With great sadness I am reporting to you that the owner and founder of Lifespan Tea passed away unexpectedly in October. Sandy was the driving force in providing healthful products to all at a very reasonable price. If you ever placed a phone order you will remember the personal touch she added.

Unfortunately, with Sandy's passing we could no longer continue the business as before. As of this week Lifespan Tea has been sold and you can expect a brief pause in service while the new owner restocks inventory and sets up business in a new location.

Rick, the new owner is very familiar with Lifespan Tea and had worked with Sandy in setting up the business as it started. The business new location will be out of Utah and you can expect an email from him as soon as their operation is ready. The web site will remain the same so visiting will remain familiar. However, you can expect some minor changes as the new owner adds his own touch to the business.

At this time I would to thank everyone for your business and support throughout the many years. It was very hard to let Lifespan Tea go having it been such a big part of Sandy's life.


Kurt von Tagen

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