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In the event of shipment non-delivery, the following options may be considered for your satisfaction:

If the shipment non-delivery is as a result of our error, we will gladly re-ship your order at no charge or issue a full refund back to you.
  • If the shipment non-delivery is as a result of your error (e.g. incorrect address, recipient information etc. supplied by the customer), we can resolve the issue with the following two options:
    • Process an address correction while the shipment is in-transit such that it is delivered to the correct address/recipient at its destination. A $5.00 fee per address correction will be assessed.
    • If the shipment has already been delivered to the incorrect address/recipient, we can re-ship your order to the correct address/recipient, but we will re-charge the same order amount (product and shipping fees) to the original method of payment. We will then schedule a call-tag for the order from the wrong address/recipient, and issue a refund for the original order amount (product only) minus the shipping fee, upon receipt of the shipment back to us to the original method of payment.
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