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Dear Friends of Lifespan Tea:

So many times I am asked how I became acquainted with African Teas. I really enjoy sharing the story.

I was introduced to teas from South Africa while employed by a local CPA firm in Boise, Idaho over ten years ago. One of our clients, an older gentleman from South Africa, strolled by my office one morning and expressed interest in what I was drinking. When I told him it was green tea, his eyes twinkled as he informed me, with no little pride, he sold a beverage far superior to that! I was immediately intrigued when he explained his "beverage" contained no caffeine. At that time, I was drinking traditional green tea for its health benefits, but had to cut off my consumption by noon because of the caffeine content. Our entire office staff became interested in this mysterious "tea" from South Africa.The next time he visited our office he brought samples for all of us to try, along with detailed information why Rooibos, or "red tea" was superior to traditional green tea. It wasn't long before many of us were drinking the tea on a regular basis.

Unfortunately this gentleman was unable to successfully build his tea business in America, and shortly returned to South Africa, Because he owed the firm payment for the fees he had incurred, he "paid" in tea. Now one question remained. What to do with all this tea?

By this time, I had begun to notice some real health benefits from drinking rooibos. I was sleeping more soundly at night. My husband reported his blood pressure had lowered into the normal range. I began to study the research available about this remarkable beverage only to discover regular consumption offered a myriad of health benefits. The more I read, the more I was convinced rooibos and honeybush were teas I wanted to talk about and share with others. Thus the birth of Lifespan Tea.

I now live in the the beautiful Snake River Valley in Idaho, about 37 miles from Boise. My entire family is involved in selling and promoting these outstanding teas from South Africa locally and on the web. 

Sandy von Tagen, Owner of Lifespan Tea