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Red Rooibos Tea

The process of making red rooibos tea begins long before you begin heating water. Immediately after being picked, the stems and leaves of the tea are bruised, then left to naturally ferment. This results in a naturally sweet, smooth tasting tea with a rich amber color that inspired its nickname, red bush tea.

Rooibos is the only tisane tea that readily accepts cream or milk, much like the traditional teas most people are used to drinking. In addition to being one of the richest teas, rooibos tea also has health-and-wellness-promoting properties. Available in Tea Bags, Loose Leaf, and Extract.  Click here to buy.

Flavored Red Rooibos Tea
We currently offer a wide variety of "flavored" rooibos teas. All ingredients in these teas are certified organic and naturally caffeine free. Check out the many flavored varieties we offer under the "Flavored Rooibos" category in our tea store.

Green Rooibos Tea

Green Rooibos Tea is "sister" to the original red bush tea and is made by stopping the natural fermentation and oxidation process.  After the leaves and stems are cut, they are withered, immediately steamed or heated to oxidation, and then rolled and dried.  The resulting tea is more delicate, aromatic, and has a heartier herbal taste with a lighter color than traditional red bush tea.  Green rooibos is up to two times richer in flavonoids and antioxidants than traditional red bush tea.  Available in Tea Bags, Loose Leaf, and Extract.  Click here to buy.

Honeybush Tea
Indigenous to South Africa, honeybush tea is grown in the mountains near Africa's cape. Honeybush is a fragrant herbal tea prepared from the honey-scented flowers, leaves and stems of the cyclopia intermedia plant. Naturally sweet, this tea offers plenty of health benefits. Available in Tea Bags and Loose Leaf. Click here to buy.

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